The Maghreb Start-up Network

The Maghreb Start-up Network (MSN) is an initiative that aims to promote regional integration in the Maghreb start-up ecosystem.

Launched the 27th June of 2019, the Idea came from both ecosystem actors and some World Bank representatives.
The main goal of the MSN is to put together start-ups and accelerators from the whole Maghreb, and allow innovation players to enhance their scalability on a regional level, instead of focusing only on the domestic market.
The network which federates the big players in the Maghreb, plans also to help each country tech community to improve the environment with many tools such as :

  • Maghreb Passport program.
  • Regional Digital payment platform project.
  • Diaspora involvement.
  • Open Innovation.

Maghreb is a huge market with great potential and Maghreb start-ups have the potential to become world giants.

Why the Maghreb Startup Network?

Maghreb startups have a lot in common:

  • Similar education system
  • Shared languages (Arabic and French)
  • Limited internal markets to scale but opportunities to expand in
    Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

And they are facing similar hurdles:

  • Challenging environment for startups
  • A nascent and underdeveloped support structure
  • Few established role model startups
  • Limited eligibility to VC funding